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SIS Assistance
University ID Number

The university is moving away from use of social security numbers as a student's primary identification number. While in most cases, students will be able to complete their business with the university through OneStart by use of a user id and password, there may be occasions when a student id number is required.

For fall registration, students will use their user id and password. This is the same one used for university e-mail and Oncourse . Students may activate their accounts by visiting Account Management Services . Questions should be directed to the Support Center .

New students will be notified of the university id number upon admission. Enrolled students may obtain their university id numbers by viewing the My Personal Information page in OneStart or by bringing photo identification to the Office of the Registrar.

How can students find their University ID number?
    Currently enrolled students may obtain their University Identification Number (UID) via the Self-Service tab in OneStart. The navigation is listed below:

    1. Login to OneStart.
    2. Navigate to the Self-Service tab. (If they don't see the self-service tab, they should click the More tab, then select Self-Service)
    3. In Personal Information, click the My Current Information link.
    4. Click the View My Current Information link.
    5. On the Demographic Information page, the 10 digit ID is listed under the student's name.

    If students require technical assistance with OneStart they should contact the IT Support Center (ithelp@indiana.edu).

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Last updated: August 21 2013
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